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High-temperature dental porcelain furnace series

High temperature denture sintering furnace JNL-17KL

JNL-17KL series of high-temperature energy-saving precision denture furnace introduced advanced technology, independent research and development of energy saving, environmental protection, new electric furnace, with advanced and reasonable structure, nice appearance, high quality cold-rolled steel shell, advanced CNC machining, luxury, importing beautiful color electrostatic epoxy powder spray molding process, processing, high temperature, corrosion-resistant, high-quality molybdenum disilicide heating element, between the furnace shell with a double air cooling system, rapid cooling; the furnace having a temperature Field balance, the furnace surface temperature is low, rise, Paul, cooling rate can be adjusted, energy saving and so on. Furnace imported from Germany by the composite alumina fiber material built by the numerical control process, thermal shock resistance, resistance to cold and strong heat, corrosion resistance is good, no collapse, no crystallization, no residue, no pollution, long life . The control system adopts microcomputer artificial intelligence adjustment technology, with PID regulation, automatic control, self-tuning function, multi-section programming, and can be programmed a variety of heating, insulation, cooling program, high temperature control accuracy; integrated module SCR control, phase shift Trigger, protect the system: the use of independent over-temperature protection, over-voltage, ultra-current, leakage, short circuit protection. High degree of automation, the indicators reached the advanced level. The equipment is mainly used in the dental porcelain powder processing, the furnace is heated around, compared to the traditional muffle furnace temperature field is more uniform, fired crown permeability, consistency is better, more User-friendly loading mode, convenient loading, convenient materials .

Features of this device:

1, Control accuracy: ± 1 ℃ Furnace temperature uniformity: ± 1 ℃. 
2, microcomputer automatic control: easy to operate, programmable multi-stage, automatic heating, automatic insulation, automatic cooling. 
3, warming fast: (heating rate adjustable). 
4, energy-saving 
: (energy-saving effect is more than 60% of the old electric furnace). 
5, the furnace: Electrostatic spray corrosion-resistant acid and alkali, furnace and furnace isolation using air-cooled furnace wall temperature close to room temperature. 
6, dual-circuit protection: (over-temperature, over-voltage, super-flow, paragraph even, power, etc.). 
7, the furnace material: made of imported fiber, thermal insulation performance, high temperature, thermal shock resistance.

 The main technical parameters:


Index value                              

Design power


Rated voltage


set tempreture

1700 ℃                                      

Long-term working temperature

1600 ° C

Heating rate

≤0.1-30 ℃ / min (adjustable)                           

Furnace mode

Under the mouth of feed, lift, electric lift

Display mode

touch screen

Heating element

High-quality silicon molybdenum rods

Temperature control accuracy

± 1 ℃

Temperature zone diameter


Temperature zone height


Sealing method

Bottom bracket door

Temperature control method

PID regulation, microcomputer control, programmable temperature curve, without caretaker (automatic heating, insulation, cooling)

Temperature components

B (0-1800 ° C)

equipment weight

About 200Kg

Furnace material

Germany imported composite alumina fiber 

surface temperature

≤42 ℃

Temperature category

800 ° C   1000 ° C   1200 ° C   1400 ° C   1600 ° C   1700° C   1800 ° C

Qualification honor

ISO9001: 2008, AAA enterprises, CE certification
Note: Furnace size and other special requirements, please specify when ordering, can be customized according to requirements.

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