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High temperature tube furnace series

Vacuum atmosphere tube furnace JNL-10G

product description

JNL Series tube furnace is Luoyang Li-yu Kiln Ltd. to introduce advanced technology, independent research and development of energy-saving, environmental protection, new furnace, the device has scientific design, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, easy to operate 


Product Usage

This series of devices for scientific research institutes, universities, industrial and mining enterprises in the experiment and production.

Mainly used for high-temperature annealing of precision, microcrystalline, preparing a ceramic glaze, annealing mold, plastics, such as experimental powder sintered nanomaterials, quenching and metal parts made of high temperature process heat requirements


The shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel double-layer structure design, shell color paint after baking at high temperature, durable.

Equipped with air-cooled system, the furnace has the advantages of temperature balance, low surface temperature, fast rise and fall temperature.

Vacuum system uses a special design, with easy operation, high vacuum, small vacuum leak (ultimate vacuum: 10-5pa)

Sealing systems made of stainless steel and high-temperature furnace tube flange and O -type silicone rubber seal, after the gas flow meter needle valve controlled by a switch, valve regulated with an intake valve, an exhaust valve, the vacuum valve, filling nitrogen, argon Gas and other inert gases

Furnace imported composite alumina fiber material by CNC technology to build than the traditional electric furnace energy saving 30%

Control system uses microcomputer artificial intelligence adjustment technology, with 50 sections of programming, and the preparation of a variety of heating, thermostat, cooling program, high temperature control accuracy

Crystal modular SCR control, phase trigger; the use of high-quality heating elements

Control Panel: The use of digital control with (over-temperature, over-voltage, super-current, broken even, power and other protection features)

Honors: ISO9001: 2008, AAA business, CE certification

Temperature category: 1000 ℃    1200 ℃    1400 ℃   1600 ℃   1700 ℃   1800 ℃   2200 

Technical Parameters

Heating zone length (mm)

Tube diameter (mm)

Voltage (V)

Power (KW)

Temperature control accuracy

100 150 200 300 , 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1200

30 , 40, 60, 80,100 , 120, 150



± 1 ℃

                 Furnace, heating zone can be customized according to customer requirements! 

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